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    Are VHBW batteries good? I have a notebook battery from the same brand and it is definitely not worse than original, but it could be a different story.
    Like this one:

    BATTERY 3400mAh FOR Blackberry Passport, Passport 4G, Q30

    most original batteries are either very expensive or listed as "seller refurbished" (do not want).
    also a battery that was manufactured 2.5 years ago may be degraded even if not used.
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    02-23-17 09:55 AM
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    I've never heard of that brand, however aftermarket batteries are all pretty much decent and equivalent. And yes, they're a wiser choice than an original one (25 pounds are a fair, not suspicious price). Besides, given that you're probably not going to use your Passport for more than two more years (I suppose), you shouldn't even notice the difference between that VHBW battery and the original one. Go ahead.
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    02-23-17 10:34 AM
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    While I can't speak specifically about the actual capacity of the cell you listed, I've had excellent luck with very cheap, Chinese OEM cells ordered from China in a number of devices including phones. Examples are, batteries and cells for:

    Galaxy S3, Nexus 5, iRobot Roomba, and various RC (radio control) generics. None of these units have overheated, leaked, or otherwise malfunctioned in any of the devices I've installed them into.

    Considering how inexpensive that stuff (i.e., stuff on sites like Ali Express) can be, it's a cheap experiment for you to try out the result first-hand. Just be aware that, depending upon where you live, ordering from China can take at least a month for the stuff to arrive.

    Best of luck!
    02-23-17 10:34 AM
  4. anon(4243545)'s Avatar
    Besides, the description states that the product's location is either Bischofswerda (Germany) or London, which means that these batteries have to comply with European standards, so they definitely are a safe purchase. But maybe you'd be better off finding an American reseller, though.
    02-23-17 11:08 AM

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