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    I have finally after 18 some years of having cell phones broke my phone screen. First time I've severely damages a phone. Now the hunt for parts is on. I found shops that would fix the screen for $250 cnd or ship a screen for $349+shipping or $133 US. On Amazon. I did find a site that offers parts but some are out of stock and there are different variants have very similar descriptions but the codes are different. It has become a difficult process finding a good source and cheap. I finally found on good old kijiji a guy that would replace it for $170 cash. Done deal! I plan on having him give me the broken screen and digitizer so that I may replace the glass on it and keep it as a spare.

    If anyone has a good source to buy the glass screen or screen and digitizer that would be great. Canadian source preferred.
    Also any great sources to learn more about replacing just the glass and or both glass and digitizer. I found some YouTube on doing the screen and digitizer but it wasn't detailed and did not show anything about adhesive.

    I hope this thread can become a good source for people to learn to repair their Passport's.

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    02-11-16 12:43 AM
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    There is one shop in Ontario and another in England that specialize in BlackBerries. Do a search for "Z30 port repair" or "Z30 sim tray repair" you should be able to find them. The English company has parts for sale on their site. Link follows.


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    02-11-16 02:42 PM
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    Thank you. Doesn't look like prices are that great there.
    Here is another that looks not bad.

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    02-11-16 05:42 PM

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