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    If I use BlackBerry Blend to move my music and pictures into a folder on the computer, reload the OS, then add music/pics back from the computer, will any compression take place? Doubt it, but figured worth asking. The sound quality is great and would hate for my music to compress.

    Wondering if I could do a custom backup on link and just choose camera, photos, and music then after reloading the OS, just use link to reload these files. Also thinking of possibly using the device switch app for the media to the Z30 then back to the Passport after reloading the OS.

    Just thinking of different scenarios as I will likely be reloading the OS on the Passport. Any advice definitely wouldn't hurt. Thanks!

    Posted via CB10
    11-08-14 09:35 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I can't imagine your music is compressed by your BlackBerry, that simply wouldn't make sense. You should be good.
    11-08-14 09:38 PM
  3. Pdinos3's Avatar
    Just keep all your media on an SD card and never have to worry about restoring.

    VIA CB10 Rockin PassportSQW100-1/ and Official Member of the Peevishlicious Crew
    11-08-14 09:39 PM
  4. RLTurn77's Avatar
    Don't have an SD card as far as I know. Think my old Droid Bionic may have came with one. Could check that. Didn't think that BlackBerry compressed any music/pics, but wasn't sure about moving back and forth if any compression would take place. Seems like there are a bunch of ways of doing this, just wasn't sure what would be the best/easiest way. Will probably just remove to the laptop and reload then move back to the device again. Seems fairly simple. Thanks for the feedback.

    Posted via CB10
    11-09-14 12:37 PM

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