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    Hey so my passport has been lagging really heavy like stuck for 30 seconds to minute at times and I've reloaded the software before long time ago. I was just wondering when you back it up then restore and all that what gets deleted like do texts get wiped or will they be there when you restore/reload thank you.

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    03-13-16 11:20 PM
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    When you do a back up and restore using BB Link, after having reloaded your OS, you also end up restoring whatever it is that is causing your Passport to lag. That's why many would suggest using an autoloader to reload your OS, without doing any restore as it will completely wipe your device, texts and all. However there are apps in BB World you can use to avoid having to start all over from scratch, such as Ultimate Backup.
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    03-13-16 11:32 PM
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    Thank you!

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    03-13-16 11:52 PM
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    Can someone help me with the autoloader? Like which to use I tried going through the forums and looked at old YouTube videos I just don't want to mess it up. Any help is appreciated

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    03-14-16 01:32 AM
  5. Notna Nosyel's Avatar
    03-14-16 07:14 AM

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