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    No clue if I'm just noticing this or what, but I just noticed that the Red Passport is up for pre-order on Amazon. It's listed as being released on November 28, as expected, with a price of $699.99. Has anybody else jumped on this? I did - just wondering if ShopBlackBerry will extend the $200 off of a Passport to this one when they finally put it up.

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    11-24-14 09:38 AM
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    I have a different question and that is does anyone know if the frets between the keys are merely painted or 'chromed' or if the metal is anodized black color perhaps ? I would be really hesitant to buy the device if the frets were just painted because with finger oils, dirt, etc. that finish will surely wear off.

    Comments anyone ?
    11-24-14 10:06 AM
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    If you pop by the Amazon listing, it has a nifty zoom feature for the device images. From what I can tell, it will not be chromed/anodized. It appears to be a matte black, either painted or unpainted plastic. If anybody has had their hands on it, maybe they can add that detail.
    11-24-14 10:14 AM
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    I see it! Am I allowed to post a link? Here it goes, mods please remove if it's not allowed here:

    Amazon.com: BlackBerry Passport - Factory Unlocked Smartphone - Red: Cell Phones & Accessories
    11-24-14 10:18 AM
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    Damn you @Verizonwireless!

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    11-24-14 10:25 AM

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