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    Decided to check this forum as my unexpected gifted red Passport is coming. I actually ordered it myself, but a few great people ended up helping out.

    Anyway, I ordered from DR Friday night with expedited shipping and will be here today. Huge mistake reading here first. Complaints about possible refurbs, loose screens, dead pixels, scratches... needless to say I'm now nervous as hell!

    Have everything ready to go and hope to be posting pictures later once set up. I'm definitely not refusing it, although I would have chose Amazon if I knew they dropped the price as well.

    Anyway, hoping for the best and will post some pics praying everything works out! Have ordered from DR before with no problems. Can't wait to see the actual color!

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    12-31-14 08:29 AM
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    Since I just posted in the screen protector thread figured I'd ask here if I should use the Mr. Shields matte screen protectors that I originally purchased. Still have two, only took one try on the black Passport, which will likely be passed on to my mother.

    I also ordered matte protectors from sojitek as from reviews I've read it is a quality brand. The Mr. Shields protector on the black Passport is slightly off centered, but otherwise has held up great. There is an area on the left side where the adhesive did not stick, but I have not noticed much dust/dirt collecting underneath.

    The matte works well for me as it prevents smudges and fingerprints and there is no mirror effect either. I guess at this point, I might as well use the Mr. Shields pack that I have already opened. Not sure how the sojitek protectors fit though, but have read great reviews about the brand.

    Besides OEM, most of the early adopters are aware that the Mr. Shields protectors were all that was readily available on release.

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    12-31-14 09:15 AM
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    Not on passport but for my z10, I prefer at the end the blackberry case + you have normally a screen protector included.

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    12-31-14 09:55 AM
  4. Andy_bb_king's Avatar
    Purely naked no protector or case. Especially you have a Red. It is eye-catching!

    Presented to you by real phone - Passport
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    12-31-14 10:24 AM
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    I still have not put a protector on my red Passport. Maybe sometime next week.
    12-31-14 12:51 PM
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    Passport should only be in a holster IMO and not covered. Size is already huge and don't hide the beauty especially Red

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    12-31-14 01:04 PM
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    OMG, quick post as I'm setting up... love it. Cannot find one flaw. I think some of these build quality threads are a bit over the top. I've ordered, since the BB10, about 5 devices and two were Passports. Was worried because the black Passport was perfect. This one is flawless. I did BBVE just to make sure everything running properly and all was good. As you can probably tell I'm excited!

    I like the matte screen protectors for the look and actually use them to reduce glare and grease, etc. The sojitek protectors were too big with the curvature. Surprisingly, since I've never heard of them until the Passport, the Mr. Shields matte protector went on perfect this time. Will be ordering more.

    As far as the case goes, I have the hard shells, but won't be using them on the red. I ordered a hard clear case from Amazon (rinquefusion?) with smoke black around the sides as I was not going to hide the red! It is OK, but might order the slimmer all clear hard by inventcase. The rinque fusion has a softer shell, but offers more protection with not much bulk. Not sure on the case just yet. Here is what is on now... http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00QH2...UvbUpU11215134

    Build quality is beyond superb!!!

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    12-31-14 01:48 PM
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    Don't forget to post pictures.

    Posted two-handed via Passport
    12-31-14 02:06 PM
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    I will try to get some pictures now that the dust has settled and everything is set up. I was so nervous over nothing. Everything is flawless, not a loose button, etc. and I'm actually starting to like the rinque fusion smoke black (clear) case although I'd prefer a bit of a harder shell. There is a picture of the front and back of the rinque fusion in both clear and clear with smoked edges in the thread on cases for red Passport.

    I figured I'd take a look at BaSa (awesome app, shout out to the dev) and for the first time on a device the cycle count is "1". Might take a screen shot of it lol. Overall, I'm still more than happy with DR. I had ordered a black Passport and it is flawless as well. Made one phone call to DR not expecting much, but they honored the $449 coupon that was floating around a while ago. Just one call on Saturday and received an email for refund on Monday.

    Once the red dropped in price and I shattered my Z30 I went for it. With the red now the same price as the black/white I'm shocked it hasn't overtaken the white on their top selling list. The only noticeable difference from the black Passport that is soon to be gifted as compared to the red is the red keys are much tighter all around. On both devices all keys are equal, but the red keys are nice and snug... maybe I just have to break it in a little. Can't wait to take it to the hospital tomorrow and see the reactions I get! Definitely the best color combo in my opinion of course. Works well with the device being so polarizing to begin with.

    Already have a nursing supervisor wanting one. This was as I had it out with a colleague using a Note 4. It was kind of funny because the one with the Note was a bit offended when I showed a brief keyboard demo, the Hub, Snap and the nursing supervisor had a rebuttal for why the Passport was better for everything the one with the Note had said. This included mostly screen size and the keyboard not taking up real estate. It was funny coming from someone who knew nothing about BlackBerry devices.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Very impressed with every device I have ordered from shopblackberry as well as the expedited two-day shipping (I missed the device early Tuesday as a signature is required). Decided to wait it out as FedEx delivers early AM here. All this and that about build quality is a bit exaggerated I think. Either I'm really lucky or some aren't. I don't believe multiple multiple devices having issues from the same poster *for the most part*.

    Definitely a quality device. The black Passport is still flawless from late September/early October so not expecting any issues here.

    Loving it!

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    01-01-15 12:50 AM
  10. dejanh's Avatar
    Your standards are probably just low or your really blinded. Whatever may be the case, I'm quite confident in saying your device is very likely not "perfect".

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    01-01-15 03:51 AM
  11. marzfreerider's Avatar
    Your standards are probably just low or your really blinded. Whatever may be the case, I'm quite confident in saying your device is very likely not "perfect".

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    Just because your having issues doesn't mean you have to try and bring someone else down. Are you implying that anyone who says they received a perfect or good phone have low standards or are blinded? Congrats OP on your new phone, enjoy it. Happy New Year.
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    01-01-15 04:05 AM
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    Just to clarify, I actually have very high standards when I purchase items. An example would be when I chose to order a black car. I advised the dealership to not even remove the wrapping from the factory as I never have my car washed by anyone but myself and never do the nasty micro-marring drive in washes. Only exception being in the winter where I'm forced to find a touchless car wash that does not use our nasty salted recycled water.

    My friends say I'm OCD. Clearly, they do not know the true definition of OCD (I'm in the medical profession), but my point is that I am extremely obsessive regarding defects, etc. On other vehicles I have had dealerships move vehicles into direct sunlight to check for any signs of swirl marks from incompetent washing (I'm well aware I could use a filler or something abrasive to remove, but not on a brand new vehicle).

    Anyway, back to my devices, as I stated both the black and red came in from shopblackberry flawless. I have now had the red device since new years eve and not one software issue either. I did have software issues such as freezing and a few other issues fixed by a restart on the black device, but these were all resolved with a non-destructive update to the latest software from Rogers as I was not waiting on AT&T at that time.

    Back to the build quality; the only difference is the keys on the red are "tighter" feeling than the black. Trust me, I inspected the hardware thoroughly and am not some blinded fanboy. If you really want me to nitpick at something, the volume up key on the black device had some wiggle room (very minimal, but apparently I'm not competent and have low standards). After trying a TPU case for a week or so, I noticed that immediately after removing the case the volume up on the black device did not have that extra bit of wiggle to it anymore. Have used a hard shell after that for a while on the black and the key never had that issue again, but I do have a new case now that covers the volume keys on the black device anyway. Yes, I'm sure if I decided to wiggle the key sideways again it would loosen back up.

    Might as well mention that the hard shell did not leave one mark on the device either as I immediately removed it after a thread stating that this causes marks. Now that I have the red, I could care less if my mother is sick of waiting on AT&T and wants to use the black device with the hard shell or whatever she chooses.

    She would never notice if it left a scratch/mark or not. This is something an "average" buyer would have never noticed. She takes her BMW through car washes. Because they cause micro-marring does that mean she has low standards?

    Being the way I am, and after reading this forum directly prior to receiving the device from FedEx, trust me I was nervous as hell. Read my initial post. Don't assume my standards are low because my red device is actually flawless. To the average buyer, the black is flawless as well. Heaven forbid that both devices have excellent build quality.

    I will say that I am extremely impressed with the red as everything is tight including the volume and lock key. Not one hardware issue and trust me, my standards are not low! You are welcome to come to NJ and see how excellent the build quality is and try your best to find a flaw on the red device. I went through the whole list of complaints here and checked making sure the screen is consistent all around, etc.

    My black device has been in use since September/October and the screen has not moved. That is why I said that I don't know how much I believe half of these threads on build quality being poor, especially multiple repeats.

    I understand there will be issues though and when you are on a message board like this you will see many complaints as those that do receive non-defective devices are not going to make a post about or seek out this forum for help.

    That's the way these forums work. Go to any other forum on a brand new anything and you will see people seeking help for issues. If I never heard of CB and had no issues or questions I wouldn't be seeking out a place for help and advice (or for some to just complain).

    I have always had excellent customer service from DR as well and I know that goes against many posts here.

    I went on a bit of a rant there, but the red is perfect and I am perfectly happy about it! Still have the rinque fusion clear/smoke black shell/case on now. I came back to just state that after a few days or so I'm extremely impressed with the device and that the build quality is rock solid.

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    01-02-15 01:55 PM
  13. mad_mdx's Avatar
    I have a black one that's pretty perfect except for some software glitch when I first got it.
    Not surprised your red one is perfect. Though defects don't happen on day one. So far so good for mine though
    01-02-15 02:13 PM
  14. RLTurn77's Avatar
    Your standards are probably just low or your really blinded. Whatever may be the case, I'm quite confident in saying your device is very likely not "perfect".

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    Just started reading the "another defective Passport" thread and believe you are the OP... well that explains your response. I forgot that I hadn't checked the red for lightbleed (none noticeable typing) and just looked at night in every possible angle and guess what; no lightbleed either. I'm telling you, the red device has been thoroughly inspected and not one issue or defect.

    I'm a bit concerned regarding a few posts on the screen lifting, but we'll see in time. Been using the black Passport hard since launch and no lift there. Hoping for the same going forward and hoping this does not become an issue on the red one. Guess it is difficult for you to believe I received two non-defective Passports in a row, especially since the black was from the first batches produced!

    Everything is flawless on both now, besides the slightly loose volume up key on the black Passport that most wouldn't have even noticed. Time will tell on other issues, but three months later and the black Passport has been excellent. Even made a post about dropping it onto concrete which broke the hard shell in half and left not a scratch or dent on the device. My experience so far = excellent build quality and highly recommended.

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    01-02-15 09:20 PM
  15. Hlao-roo's Avatar
    Your standards are probably just low or your really blinded.
    To be fair, finding out that you've been sleeping with your own mother is not an easy thing to get over.

    01-02-15 09:53 PM
  16. RLTurn77's Avatar
    LOL. I hope dejanh's problems aren't contagious! Just pushed down on the black Passport from launch and it does have some give. Haven't really looked to much into the whole screen lifting issue or fixes and am now paranoid about it lol. Doesn't the device come with a 1 year warranty anyway direct from BlackBerry? This is the main reason I do not insure devices.

    Never had any problems though with the Z series or the Passports as of yet, but the black Passport screen does seem to have a bit of give when pushing down around the sides as compared to the new red Passport. It is uniform though, unlike one pic I saw in a thread with just the one corner lifted. Hoping that the Passports give a good year at least worth of use. It has been about three months with the black; might just be overreacting as I just went through the whole saga of "another defective Passport". Dejanh, you should have definitely stopped the reselling when you received a quality device. I believe it was your second device, but could be wrong.

    Anyway, I can see why you are a bit jaded after that debacle, but that doesn't mean others have low standards. Will be interesting to see if the screen lift becomes an issue over time. Will have to look into that further. Sometimes I think I'd be better off not reading this forum lol. I originally posted and received a ton of help from CB, but never had any issues with my devices from BlackBerry. Hope you didn't jinx me!

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    01-02-15 10:47 PM
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    Some of these posters...geez.

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    01-03-15 01:38 AM

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