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    I've had the privilege of owning BB devices beginning with the 7105, 2 Pearls, a 9700, 2 9900's and several BB10 devices. They all lasted at least 3 years. The Pearl was still working when I got my wife a Z10 two years ago to replace her very old but reliable Pearl. the 9700 needed a repair in 2012, but it was already more than 3 yrs old and the 9900 was free on Father's day so I just got one for my daughter. I have given the phone away after two years of service and it still works to this day. My 9900 is 4 yrs old and it still works although it has been hiding in the dark corner of my drawer for more than a year already since we have moved to BB10 devices already. BB devices last a long time if properly cared for. Repairs after the warranty period don't concern me. They would be very old by then and I would have my sight on newer BB11 devices anyway....
    MY 5 year old bold 9780 works like charm still...
    02-11-15 12:23 AM
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    Play Nice, Be Helpful, and have Respect!
    This means keep the language clean, keep your posts polite, and dont get into arguments over dumb things. If somebody responds to a thread you posted in poor fashion, ignore it, and the moderation team will quickly clean it up (you can always message or email a moderator at any time if you observe anything that is in poor taste/against the rules). Think back to what your parentals and teachers used to lecture - if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    Always remember that we are all unique and at different levels here - some of us are experienced BlackBerry users and forum junkies, while others are just starting out. If youre on the experienced side, have patience for those just joining in on the fun and be helpful. With a little patience and a little help they wont be newbies for long. Also remember that it is our differences that keeps this place interesting. If everyone was from the same place and at the same experience level it would be boring. This is a worldwide community united by a common interest - our love, or addiction as some would call it, for the BlackBerry!
    02-11-15 06:35 AM
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    My BlackBerry Z30 touch screen gone faulty it was six months old and still under warranty. I visited the authorised service center Pramanik in Bangalore and they given me a weird and funny answer that the Blackberry stopped it's production 2 years back so they can't give service. Just to check them, I asked as will they do service if I pay. He took my phone inside and opened it (with my permission) to check. And he confirmed that the screen need to be replaced and I took my mobile back. At that time, he didn't make any computerised entry about opening my device.

    Now again I went to other authorised service centre TOUCH (by HCL) in Bangalore. They saw that the screws were tampered so they told me that they can't confirm about free service because the device was opened elsewhere. But they agreed to "try" to send the device for service within warranty but can't be sure whether the service centre will accept free service or not. But they didn't denied the paid service if my warranty void by tampered screws.

    I agreed and they sent the device to BlackBerry service centre. Upfront they told me that it will take at least 20 days if they take it for service. It took 30 days but no updates from them. I was following up every two days once (after that first 20 days). After 30 days they told me that they are doing the service in warranty but the blackberry service centre is not speeding up the work. And they given me the Redington toll free number and email address and asked me to contact them. I sent email to Redington blackberry support and after that the process started very fast. Redington included me even at their internal official email communications so that I noticed all of their back n forth communications. Finally after around 40 days I got my device back like almost new.

    They changed the touch screen, back camera glass as it was scratched before, top ear speaker as it was jarring, back internal body of the phone. They changed all these parts as they found issues of these parts even the customer didn't bothered about them.

    It's completely new looking phone and even they didn't removed the polythene scratch proof stickers over the phone.

    I'm extremely happy by their service (both HCL and redington). HCL is just front end partners because of nationwide network but real service providers are Redington only.

    As 8 years BlackBerry customer starting from BlackBerry Curve, I'll buy ONLY blackberry phones IF they sell phones with blackberry own operating system (I will not buy their android mobiles).

    So, still blackberry rocks in India.
    12-26-16 06:19 AM
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