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    Feel the OP Pain... Went through 3 Iphone 6 in one month... and to top it off the forth bricked on on of the imfamous OS 8 update. Bought my Z30 from ShopBlackberry last year... no issue... fast service.. unfortunately you get duds... obviously more from DR but nonetheless does happen... does not help the OP's situation... but judging from the amount of complaints about DR, I would personally only use Amazon or Carrier purchase.... good luck to the OP and try not to be too discouraged as it can happen to anyone...
    Am still wondering how people believed this, and asked for no proof and didn't hesitate to like this post. But was questioning OP like he purposely want to rant about BlackBerry, asking for pics, and calling him a troll and liar, even though lots of people had bad experience with Digital River!
    OP might have had faith each time, he tried to get a replacement, I think even I would have tried 3 times at least, if i'm loyal to that company or just think "this time, they are surely gonna send me a fresh piece because of what happened with the previous device".

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