06-17-15 05:13 AM
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  1. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    One good reason to buy a Passport: so a text message bug doesn't crash your phone like what is happening with the iPhones. Never had a text message disable any of my BlackBerry devices, ever.
    Good point.

    Posted via the Diva's beautiful Red Passport!
    05-29-15 04:41 PM
  2. RubberChicken76's Avatar
    I know what yall going to say:
    Absolutely positvely every single solitary one of us?!

    But truth is only a few percent of ppl are executives and BlackBerry needs consumers in order to be sustainable.
    Is this fresh from your job of doing financial models?

    The passport doesn't stand out in any aspect:

    Look at you, acting as though your personal opinions are facts!

    Give me your reasons to get a passport as a consumer
    To bait your intended flame war? Why?
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    05-29-15 08:10 PM
  3. anon9347040's Avatar
    Here's another one: it's already been said by quite a few people on here, but I will reiterate it again. It's nice to stand out from the crowd; to be unique in a room full of iSheeple or Androids.

    -- Passport, Virgin Mobile (Toronto)
    05-29-15 08:38 PM
  4. sentimentGX4's Avatar
    I know what yall going to say: passport is designed for professionals
    I wholeheartedly disagree with the assertion that the Passport is designed for professionals. Many professionals prefer a device they could hold with one hand and type faster with a virtual, swiping keyboard. Saying that the Passport is designed for professionals is simply a "spin" on its unique qualities.

    The Passport is a cool phone and that's all there is to it. If you're a consumer and you like the form factor, you don't need to find another reason to buy it. On the other hand, if you're a professional that dislikes the form factor, you shouldn't convince yourself to buy it just because it will supposedly make you more "efficient" either.

    TBH, I don't think you can specially design a smartphone for a professional in our day and age. When Blackberry used to be one of the few devices that could email, there was a good reason it was deemed a good fit for "professionals". Today, smartphones are so versatile that practically all devices can fulfill the needs of professionals.
    05-30-15 06:40 AM
  5. klobb's Avatar
    Just to have something different... no other reasons!

    05-30-15 08:28 AM
  6. itzJustMeh's Avatar
    I would just buy it for the CPU power and battery. Reason enough.
    05-30-15 08:53 AM
  7. boflexzone's Avatar
    It's such a clean, crisp, friendly, quality, intelligent product!

    Posted via CB10
    05-30-15 10:22 AM
  8. J Quimson's Avatar
    I got a BlackBerry Passport because it meets my requirements for a communications device. Calls, messaging, interface, and battery life.

    It really isn't about being a consumer, at least for myself, where it counts, but meeting the expectation of the end-user.

    Sqw something lol
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    05-30-15 01:21 PM
  9. CrackberryQ's Avatar
    For God's sake enough with this consumer/prosumer crap!

    You like it you buy it! That's it!

    U can be a consumer that has poor eyes, and chat a lot on whatsapp (not even bbm), and spend all day wasting time shopping and playing and without a charger, passport would great for you.

    Summary, u like it you buy it!

    Posted via CB10
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    06-15-15 10:55 PM
  10. joshua_sx1's Avatar

    BlackBerry started those jargon words to justify their sales failure...

    Posted via CB10
    06-15-15 11:55 PM
  11. Marcin Dabrowsky's Avatar
    It just works.

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-15 12:43 AM
  12. pyBerry's Avatar
    The BlackBerry Passport is a unique device with a lot going it. Battery is second to none, hub is just a gesture away, screen is fantastic and BB10 is smooth and consistent.

    The biggest issue I have with Android is the lack of security. Recent news has exposed a number malicious apps that got into Google Play. I also just don't like the UI - many features are implemented as afterthoughts and bolt on parts.

    The Apple experience is mostly blink and thoughtless fashion and that home button is just stupid.

    The only mobile systems with any potential to match BlackBerry are Windows 10 and maybe mobile Linux in a decade or so.

    BlackBerry is the intellectual choice of those who have taken the time to actually think about what will work for them.

    Posted via CB10 from BlackBerry Passport
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    06-16-15 04:46 AM
  13. WRubin23's Avatar
    Great large screen. I use 14 font. A joy to read all articles. Great physical keyboard! Battery has long life. Blackberry Passport is an iPad with a phone! A little awkward to use as a phone due to its shape and a little awkward to carry in my pockets. My wife and daughter have 6 plus iphones. Frankly I like mine more even with the drawbacks.

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-15 09:08 AM
  14. Al Paquito's Avatar
    It's a highly efficient communication tool and retains the essence of a what a smart phone should be as a priority. Play games on your console but this phone is a phone. And the qwerty is something I don't intend in to give up no matter what further technology can bring.

    BlackBerry PP
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    06-16-15 09:49 AM
  15. Pensa MK's Avatar
    There is no such word as "Prosumer".

    Get over it.

    Posted from my BlackBerry Z10
    06-16-15 10:28 PM
  16. cdnynot's Avatar
    I purchased the Passport for me.
    There is something about having a great keyboard to communicate with others.
    The screen size is amazing and crystal clear.
    Battery life keeps me going all day, even till the next day!

    But I love having my Passport as my daily driver.

    Post from my Passport or my Z30 or my Playbook
    06-16-15 11:06 PM
  17. je1992's Avatar
    I was able to sell my tablet because of the passport screen and efficiency. Now I only switch from passport to pc and thats a big thing for me, feeling comfortable writing and reading a lot of stuff on a smartphone.

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-15 11:35 PM
  18. -Puck-'s Avatar
    Keyboard, battery, screen. Nuff' said.

     Posted in CB10 from my amazing SQUARE OG Passport 
    06-16-15 11:41 PM
  19. NtotheK's Avatar
    There is no such word as "Prosumer".

    Get over it.
    Reasons to buy a passport as a consumer?-img_20150617_005338.png


    1980s: from professional or producer + consumer.

    Posted via CB10
    06-16-15 11:55 PM
  20. Pensa MK's Avatar
    It's a ridiculous term. Something someone come up with by joining two words together to make themselves look intelligent...

    Posted from my BlackBerry Z10
    06-17-15 05:13 AM
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