08-12-16 08:08 AM
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    Well, I never thought I'd rely on my heavily damaged Passport I bought for parts a year ago but after finding out my work iPhone was just housing a sim and exchange account, I swapped it over and can say I've been spoiled rotten by bb10 and now using the pp for work, can see how much I've missed it!

    I really want to like the 6s, want to embrace another new os, and can see it being good as a personal phone aside from file management but after a few months using it for work, can see its setbacks with what feels like crap speaker quality, an incomplete email app, dropped calls, stuck messages, random reboots, tricky cursor placements even with the awesome 3d touch - everything's just an extra step or more like to mark an email unread is multiple steps vs touch an icon in one step on bb10.

    I could never understand how people made a big deal about extra steps as they only take seconds but when you're granted a short window of opportunity to use your phone in a no phones allowed area to take and email a picture say where there's also hazards involved and you don't want to be face down in your phone, this adds up. Especially when it random reboots on you trying to take a picture and attaching the photos to an email requires cursor placement and holding; everyone else on your tour or whatever gets inpatient and leaves you behind..

    I am missing some features from iPhone like the browser is better in ways but in work aspects, a water damaged Passport is seeming more reliable than a new out of box 6s. Maybe I like pkbs more now too; I sort of never thought I would..

    I have the iPhone with me incase one of the two craps out before the other lol but I'm both excited to see how the Passport works out for me as a business vs personal device but am dissapointed that iOS falls short, for me, anyway.

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    08-12-16 08:08 AM
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