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    Today I took my Passport out of its case and noticed the back, right hand side was creaking as if it were coming loose. It did so for around two hours and worried me... It's all back to normal and feels, sounds like one solid piece but that freaked me out!
    Is this due to internal heat? Anyone else had this happen?? Thanks

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    07-06-15 09:27 PM
  2. joshua_sx1's Avatar
    It happens to my small cabinet when it was exposed to sunlight and then it seems that something went loose inside only to find out there is this little cute mouse trapped inside that became unsettled when the inside temp increased.

    I don't suggest that there is a possibility of a little cute mouse inside your device but yes, there are materials that reacts with thermal energy (even at small deviation) and it may cause 'loosely' or 'giggling' reaction. But with a device like Passport, it shouldn't be normal at certain increase degree of heat. And if it does happened, it'll probably end up in a serious problem.

    It is worth to let a qualified and skilled technician to investigate further...

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    07-06-15 11:45 PM
  3. Trauma Surgeon's Avatar
    Did I just fall down a rabbit hole?

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    07-06-15 11:50 PM
  4. Poi25's Avatar
    My red Passport would creak when the SoC was being taxed. I think the internal heat expands the area right by the camera sensor and causes creakage.

    After cooling down it would go away.

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    07-07-15 01:32 AM

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