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    I've been practicing the camera settings since that post on CB on it and got a question on the camera on passport. What is the zoom on it? I get 4x zoom, but when I read the manual, it says the camera can do 5x digital zoom.

    I doubt my camera is broken/whatever. The pictures aren't "great" in that they are blurry/fuzzy when I zoom in all the way and then magnify it to max when viewing photos.

    But I'm not taking many pictures so what it does is good enough for me. I'm just wondering if I can increase it past the 4x zoom? The galaxy phone goes up to 8x, so it seems like it is twice the zoom?

    once I find what I consider a good photo, I'll upload it as a sample of what I can take with passport

    edit: one of the sample photos is using night mode with no flash in near 100% darkness, I thought it did okay but there is a blur from how long the camera took to take picture (no objections to it, lens had to stay open for about 10 seconds to get enough light) but my hand isn't steady enough to hold it for that long a time to not blur image. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a small tripod/hand hold technique so I don't "shake" hands?

    edit: oh yeah, I mostly take "nature"/animal shots. The ones of people, I don't post mostly out of respect since it is the internet and I didn't ask their permission to post it

    edit again: I just realized that the photos aren't "that" bad, is this about standard for a phone? since I never had a phone with a good camera before to compare against. I just thought with all the hype about cameras, that the photos would be "better".
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    Digital zoom is as good as a umbrela full of holes during a hailstorm... I wish they still bothered adding optical zoom like back in the 8900 days...

    You pics look awesome though.
    07-11-15 06:38 PM

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