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    Hi all

    I've got an as yet unused Passport which will be my first Blackberry (still awaiting the correct size sim card from the service provider) I'm looking to give it as much protection to as possible as I do sometimes quite rough physical work but I want to retain a decent amount of usability and style. For starters I have ordered a Stilgut book type case which I think not only looks good but seems to be a decent choice from a usability point of view as well. My only concern is the lack of protection to the top and bottom of the phone. I'm sure the case copes well enough with most drops but it isn't going to stop things sticking into those area'a that are uncovered. I was wondering if any owners of Stilguts would be able to tell me whether or not the phone would likely still fit in the case if I were to have a Ringke Fusion on the phone at the same time? I understand that the Stigut is a pretty good fit as it's a quality product but is there just enough give to allow a skin type cover on at the same time?

    Many thanks
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    Why would you put another case inside a case in the first place?

    But the answer is no. You can only use one type of case at the same time.
    11-14-15 09:20 PM
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    Why would you put another case inside a case in the first place?

    But the answer is no. You can only use one type of case at the same time.
    Thank you for the reply

    As explained in my post I've bought the Slilgut as for me at least it is the most desirable case from an aesthetic's point of view being relatively plain but classy looking whilst both giving full protection to both the front and back (I just wouldn't get away with a half case and screen protector) and being able to retain the full functionality of the phone as it doesn't appear to impair the user experience (good overall design especially of the spine) The only problem I see is the lack of protection from intrusion to the top and bottom of the phone which for me at least would be of slight concern. The addition of the second case would be to cover the parts that the Stilgut will not thus giving total protection and as the Ringke is highly regarded, includes a screen protector which I was planning to buy anyway and cheap (no more really than a decent screen protector on it's own) it has the potential to address all the area's I've not yet covered at a reasonably low price point. I can't believe I'd be the only one to wish for this? I've thought about the Skinomi range as well but it would a) be twice as much as the Ringke and b) wouldn't offer the protection that the Ringke does. There must be some serial case buyers out there who have both a Stilgut and a skin type case who could look into it for me?
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    EDIT: After re-reading your post it sounds like you have received the stilgut case already? or are you still waiting for it to arrive? once it's at your house I'm sure you'll agree that there is no room for an extra skin cover. Yes, you are right, for the (unlikely) case of dropping your phone onto any protruding object that happens to hit the unprotected area an additional skin cover would maybe help you out. If I were you I would either accept that risk, or if you really wanna feel protected, how about rather spending the money on a full coverage insurance?

    Hey gigglebug,

    I use the Stilgut bookcase on my PP Silver and it is a pretty tight fit when squeezing it into the case (no wiggle room but not too tight either). Any skin would imho make it too big for proper use in the stilgut case as intended by the designer.
    I do not share your worry about additional protection for top/bottom of the device. The stilgut case protects the corners as well so any drop will not directly hit the device but will rather be dampened by the case.
    I recommend giving it a try by itself. I am very happy about the snug cover when closed (no lift off of the front whatsoever) and the magnet built in the cover lets you use the auto-screen-off function. Also great.

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    Cheers Teechop

    Yes the case is in transit from Germany, hopefully here in the uk tomorrow. It was a question more in hope rather than thinking it should be possible, I was just curious as to whether anyone had tried it before. I live in the countryside so do spend a lot of time outside in the sticks where surfaces don't tend to be nice and flat and where there are plenty of pokey bits and bob's not to mention mud and dirt to deal with. I could have gone with a different style of case but as soon as I saw a video review of the Stilgut in Cognac Vintage I knew I had to have it. I was just hoping to find a cheap and easy way to add protection to the parts that aren't covered already. It's a bit of a shame they only do the flip case for the SE version as that at least gives a modicum protection on the ends
    11-15-15 10:41 AM
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    I have the same case and you will definitely love how it looks and feels. After 9 months, mine is starting to get a little frayed around the edges, but still looks good. I have a leather pouch that clips to my belt that is made for the Passport. I bought it on Amazon. I use it for a little extra protection when needed. The Passport with the Stilgut case on will fit comfortably in the pouch and is roomy enough to pull the phone out without struggling to do so. I have 5 cases for my Passport, but the others pretty much just sit in a drawer. The smooth leather exterior enables the Passport to slip easily in and out of the back pocket of my jeans or inside pocket of my sport jacket.

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    Yep it's as nice as I was hoping it would be and I've managed to avoid one where the notification light hole doesn't line up properly as well which is good. Had my first play with the phone as well, no sim card yet so just set up a few different things. Shame it doesn't support the BT wifi app, my brother in law uses it on his phone and seems like a top idea to me
    11-16-15 11:04 AM

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