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    Can users of this device please share with me their experiences using it? I see some people raise concerns about the screen coming loose. Can users of this device please share how long they've been using it for and whether this is an isolated event or if progressive use of the device will cause this problem across the board?

    Looking for reassurance before potentially buying one of these. Many thanks.

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    11-07-15 05:08 AM
  2. Fr3lncr's Avatar
    I have had mine for almost three months.

    I can say that when I first bought it, the screen was lower than the frame at the top (if I moved my finger down, you can feel that it was recessed).

    After a month and reading about the screen lift issues with the SE, I noticed that the top right of the screen was no longer recessed and your finger could feel the edge of the screen so there was a slight raise. Not enough to measure or lift but just enough to feel with your finger.

    Since then, I have kept an eye on it and it hasn't gotten any worse and since it hasn't gotten any worse, I am not worrying about it as much.

    I can also push in on the screen and make it recessed again but it doesn't last.

    I now have a tempered glass protector on it so my finger always feels the edge now.

    I do try to limit things that make the phone get hot in case that is a source of the lifting. For me, that's charging with the playbook charger and running Android apps that use the GPS for long periods of time. The Passport is the only phone I have owned that gets hot. I owned the the original passport when it first came out and it did the same thing but I sold it so I don't know if there were any long term issues with it from it getting hot.
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    11-07-15 07:29 AM
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    Thanks for the elaborate reply. I'm pretty frustrated that they hadn't addressed this issue since it was known about over a year ago with the original passport.

    How's battery life for you? Are the speakers good vs the Z30?

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    11-07-15 08:13 AM
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    Battery life is good. Better than my z30 for the same amount of work. The only time I have noticed fast drains was when running Android apps that use GPS (Google maps, trip advisor, yelp). Switching to using Web versions of those apps helps in that regard.

    For sound, I have a mixed experience. Calls on speaker are really loud and clear. Music or video playback, I find I have to max out the volume as the bottom half of the volume range seems way too weak. Max volume is where I have to put it and I say the volume isn't as loud as my z30.

    Maybe my passport has volume issues though or it's an os version bug.

    Still like it though. The speed improvements and much brighter screen are two pluses over my z30 that I wouldn't want to give up.
    11-07-15 09:07 AM
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    You have the screen lift, and I suggest you get it resolved asap before you get dust under your screen. Which would be phenomenally difficult to fix.
    11-07-15 09:38 AM
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    I know there are tons without the screen lift issue and are considered 'perfect'. For me, I came from the AT&T version to the SE. Here is my experience..

    Replacing does not guarantee a 100% fix. I have had my BlackBerry Passport SE since August and been through approximately 5 device exchanges. Each one had their own issues. One would have screen lift on the right, another on the left, another the entire top screen, another the metal bezel was constructed unevenly creating sharp edges in the rear top panel, and another right screen lift.

    I have settled into using the 3rd phone replacement and left the screen edge as is while Shop Blackberry attempts to send me replacement devices that continue to have hardware deficiencies.

    In fact, I sent them an email two days ago regarding this long process and how from day one, I have been unsatisfied with the SE product. To some, it may be nip picking on the small details but I have never had a bad BlackBerry hardware issue until the SE version. It is the high standards I have come to expect that is disappointing.

    The SE version did not solved the screen lift issue from the original Passport through my experience.
    11-07-15 01:28 PM
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    My first SE had multiple build quality issues (lifted top of the screen is one of them) that I noticed about a week using it. I brought it back and got replaced with another piece which I immediately noticed the same issues. The shop assistants were kind enough to let me try other pieces to discover that basically, _all_ SE suffer the same build quality issues.

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    11-07-15 06:23 PM
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    This is how I fixed my extremely minor screen lift. Haven't had it popup after more than 6months or so.

    Question about the passport Silver Edition screen lifting.-img_20150610_115911.jpg

     вιaсĸвεггч ᕵαssρσяτ SE via CB10 (AT&T OS
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    11-07-15 06:40 PM
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    I've gone through three SE units so far and had to return each one due to the top right edge of the glass never being flush with the metal frame.

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    02-05-16 11:52 PM
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    Can you post a picture of your device having the screen lifting issue for our reference? I just bought my SE last Feb. 11 and been reading all this kind of stuffs. Thanks, in advance.
    02-14-16 01:34 AM
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    The shop assistants were kind enough to let me try other pieces to discover that basically, _all_ SE suffer the same build quality issues.
    I ordered an SE from ShopBlackBerry, and I've never had a single problem with it.

    Passport SE: All the snooty prestige of a device with a precious metal in the name at less than half the price!
    02-14-16 09:05 AM

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