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    In terms of passport going to sleep mode, is it activated when you switch the screen off or its activated when you physically lock the device?

    I am asking this is because I feel the phone still consume noticeable battery power when the screen is turned off but not locked it. (shortcut K key)

    Any input is appreciated

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    08-11-15 11:38 PM
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    Here's what BlackBerry has to say:

    Lock or unlock your device
    Tip: A quick tap on the Power/Lock key will put your device to sleep. This should help you conserve battery power.

    Related information
    Lock your work space, Lock your screen

    By locking the screen, you can help prevent your BlackBerry device from sending accidental messages or pocket dialing. Locking the screen doesn't turn off notifications for incoming calls or messages.

    So then, your phone is going to consume more power if you just lock the screen, especially if you leave apps open that will run in the background.
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    08-12-15 01:02 AM
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    I will give it a try and see how it turns out, thx for the advice

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    08-12-15 05:57 AM

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