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    Quest for Celcom Malaysia to offer Passport to Company/Coporate accounts.

    It will be a long road to satisfaction.

    I wanted to signup for subsidised BB passport phone on Malaysia premier telco, Celcom Axiata.
    Celcom does offer the Passport on consumer plans....
    Its just that the company account Celcom First Power Plan 148 is giving out FREE 5GB data on this particular package and does offer for Samsung or iPhone plans..but does not offer for Passport..

    A few years back, Celcom were offering this package to Company accounts first, and mass market later on.... Now its the reverse. They are targeting the wrong customer base. Roughly 300,000 loyal BB customers is using the BB phones on the network. Why don't the Corp department sales team offer this to them is beyond me... As John Chen made this phone to be a Business productivity phone and not a media player.... it should be targeted on the Business people .... and not consumer alone....

    Does anyone knows some Celcom or BB higher management ? Can you relay this message to them.... ask them whether they want more BB sales....and more customers....
    10-31-14 12:01 PM

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