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    I have had q10 and have purchased a passport.

    As I plan on continuing using my q10 as a main device, and will backup the contacts added/edited there to the passport every now and then.

    What I did was a backup of the q10 and then a custom restore from it to the passport, selecting only:
    Restore Device -> Restore Options -> Custom Restore -> Device Settings and Local Contacts/Calendar Data
    I thought that was elaborate enough, however after restarting I see I am being again asked for passwords and the passport is getting heated downloading all emails once again.

    How can I update my contacts in the passport, without it deleting all my emails?

    Also, previous to the restore, in BB Link, the devices were listed as:
    BLACKBERRY-*last four digits of PIN1*
    BLACKBERRY-*last four digits of PIN2*
    Now both are being listed as BLACKBERRY-*last four digits of PIN1* .
    Could this be causing problems, have I not managed putting my new passport into use right? Let's say, when syncing pictures, will they be saved at the same folder? What would you advise?

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. If that would help, I have the same BB ID associated with both phones.
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