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    I've just got my better half a phone that has wireless charging on it and that made me think about embracing the revolution and buying a bunch of chargers etc. What gives me pause is that my Passport is an SQW100-1 (ie not an AT&T one) and thus doesn't have native wireless charging support and none of the aftermarket ones look great as a long term solution. They make these add on charging adapters that connect via the micro-usb port but they don't look great to me for a bunch of reasons.

    I use my micro usb port quite a lot; I travel a bunch for work and being able to to charge on the go is a big deal. As a result permanently using my usb port for the wireless charging is far from ideal. I often find myself charging in less than ideal circumstances with my phone stuck between my laptop and a seat back or charging from a battery pack in my pocket or bag; situations where it's almost impossible to think that a Qi enabled battery pack would really work well. Add to that the micro usb plug on those charging adapters are SUPER thin and I really can't see it surviving when it's plugged and unplugged a lot. Even having case for home with the pad inside; it's a tiny ribbon cable and it just doesn't look like it will survive. I've seen some older style external Qi adapters that are more chunky and survivable but I can't fine one for sale.

    What I'm looking for is a a way to connect a Qi charging pad thing that doesn't obstruct the usb port. I was hoping I could find some kind of nano micro usb hub that would give me two ports and solve the problem but all I can find are big long cables which seems a waste given that I'm trying to get rid of cables. Any ideas at all would be really appreciated.

    I'm open to stripping wires or building my own passthrough adapter if needs be, I just don't know if that's really possible. It seems like it should be since I won't be using wireless and wired at the same time but I don't know where to start with it. Or indeed, any other suggestions you have for how to get a more transparent wireless charging experience on my passport would be great.
    11-25-16 06:34 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Do a search on here. Your not the only one thinking of this. Would be easier to just get yourself an AT&T Passport.
    11-25-16 08:26 PM

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