09-04-14 04:47 PM
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    For me it is between Passport & Galaxy Note 4.

    If the passport resolves the issues I have with Q10 in regards to efficiency that was lost when the trackpad was moved then I will also be moving two of three bolds I have to passport; I will maintain one legacy advice to see if the BBerry Classic lives up to my expectations.

    Otherwise, I will upgrade my Q10 to a Galaxy Note 4 & continue using the legacy Bold device until it is discontinued or change all to Classic if they meet my needs.

    I have a Q10, but im not sure if i will upgrade to the passport. It all comes down to how it handles android apps. Its between iphone 6 or passport atm for me.

    Black cards, Black cars - All BlackBerry-thing!
    09-04-14 04:47 PM
51 123

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