Like others, I was quick to jump on the new 10.3 SDK

    Within which I found the discussed Windermere screen specs.

    In case it hasn't been shared:

    The icons will be 132x132, the screen is 1440x1440 with a Physical KeyBoard (Which we all know) and lastly, will it support landscape orientation?

    I know the 720x720 shows landscape too, but I wonder if anyone could see landscape being a position on the keyboard device? What if the touch sensitive keyboard could function as a touch pad, adding purpose to using the device in that orientation...?

    My apologies if this is a double post, I wanted to share to non-devs

    Check the screen shots below
    Q30 Icon Size, Screen Size: Momentics 2.1 BETA-img_20140514_132340.jpg
    Q30 Icon Size, Screen Size: Momentics 2.1 BETA-img_20140514_133324.jpg
    Q30 Icon Size, Screen Size: Momentics 2.1 BETA-img_20140514_133648.jpg
    Q30 Icon Size, Screen Size: Momentics 2.1 BETA-img_20140514_133920.jpg

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    All of that was in the 10.3 leak if anyone looked but yeah, most people didn't lol. They were too busy trying to sort out if the leak worked on their device while I was digging in the files. :P
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    05-14-14 01:01 PM

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