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    Sorry about opening a new thread, but somehow everyone has been answering every question about the Passport expect for this - the headphone sound quality. So I'm gonna be an ******* and post it again in the hope that a kind gentleman (or a lady) will find the willingness to write one or two lines...

    1. How is the music quality with headphones on? Comparable or better than 8520/9780 (I only had those and I loved the sound)
    2. Is is as loud or louder than the phones I mentioned? (Also with headphones on)
    3. Does anyone own studio/dj headphones to test them with the Passport? I use Technics dj heaphones paired to a 9780 and the sound quality and loudness (with audio boost) is just perfect.. Is it the same with the Passport? (Btw, does it have audio boost?)

    Last questions before I buy it. I would appreciate an answer. Thanks!
    10-01-14 12:03 PM
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    Speakers: there are 2 and volume can be made quite loud for a phone but may sound thin and a little tinny to many. No BOSE or Dr Beats style sudo surround effect. Phone does not buzz and vibrate all over on high volume.

    Stock media player is new in bb10.3 Graphic equaliser has no sliders rather you choose from a dozen or more presets. Voice rock R&B etc Off is an option too.

    Standard headphones I like a lot because they are some of very few that fit me well, sound is ok but probably use the equaliser in the standard media app.

    Other music players available in BlackBerry world Neutron probably best.

    FM Radio is included in media player and passport supports it like most bb10 phones.

    BlackBerry 10 bluetooth is aptX so if have aptX Bluetooth headphones or
    other bluetooth audio that's a bonus. I use this a lot as good as lossless in a car with decent audio system but BlackBerry Q10 and other bb10 phones probably as good in this respect. Old bb7 was not as good over bluetooth.

    Can't comment on DJ headphones.

    Sound is best of any BlackBerry I used but for speaker output really all I care is for clear voice.

    For headphone out apart from the hardware its mostly down to the decoder these days i.e. the app that I can comment on and also the supported current and ohms which I can't comment on.
    If like good headphones consider self powered aptX bluetooth ones or a valve headphone amp and quality headphones if want audiophile sound.

    Bb10 has good audio file format compatibility

    All up I like Passport audio but I also liked the Q10 audio.
    No real point in side by side comparison because can't tell what's due to the phone and what's down to OS.
    Passport phone speakers win but is that a big consideration?

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    10-01-14 02:56 PM
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    I was very curious about this myself, prior to the arrival of my Passport. I use Shure SE530 in-ear headphones which are pretty demanding, and the output from the Passport is excellent. The sound is punchy and balanced, and the volume goes higher than you will comfortably need it to. It was a noticeable step up from the Q10. Interestingly, I was also a great fan of the output on the 9780. I would say you will find that this matches or exceeds it.
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    10-01-14 03:42 PM
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    Thanks for the answers, I was really curious about this as it was the last hurdle the phone had to pass so I could get it! I will order one as soon as I can
    10-02-14 11:32 AM

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