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    Sorry if this has already been covered but can you get push notifications from android apps (such as CBS sports)? It doesn't current work on 10.2 but thought I remembered reading it would work on the Passport's updated OS. Looking forward to getting this device. Stupid Verizon. I may be switching carriers soon.

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    10-24-14 06:09 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    I don't think any of the Android apps have push notifications. I am on the on my Z30 and none of mine have notifications.

    Why would you say VZW is stupid? The Android apps are the stupid ones. LOL
    10-25-14 07:35 PM
  3. ImBerryCurious's Avatar
    It's hit and miss for me. Like, I never get real notifications from ebay or Amazon like I did on Android. But, for some odd reason, I get a notification when I turn on utorrent. A few other apps like that work similarly. But actual background notifications don't seem to work.

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    10-25-14 07:58 PM
  4. calivol's Avatar
    Well that's disappointing. Hopefully we'll get some more native options.

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    10-26-14 11:48 AM
  5. calivol's Avatar
    I sympathize with your frustration, but switching carriers won't solve this issue. You'd need an updated version of software that fixes this, so your best bet is waiting for the latest 10.3.xx out in late Nov/Dec?
    Thanks, I realize Verizon isn't the problem. However, they are the reason I don't have the passport already. I can't even buy unlocked.

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    10-26-14 05:22 PM
  6. iSuni's Avatar
    Ebay notifications work for me. Only one of my Android apps that do. Hopefully in the future things will improve.
    10-26-14 05:31 PM

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