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    It worked very well, but now all of sudden it doesn't work properly. Sometimes it doesn't turn off screen when facedown, or it doesn't turn on after turning around the phone. It happened to me month's ago once but then almost always worked well.
    I restarted phone 3 times with no success. Is it just a temporary bug?
    Also it often blinks red like he is trying something to do.
    What I also noticed is when after turning facedown and it turns the screen off, then turning back and nothing happened, but if I turn the phone again with screen down the screen turns on.
    And just now while I was writing this the screen suddenly turned off lol
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    12-08-16 12:57 PM
  2. Nitin Saini3's Avatar
    Is there anything on the screen of your phone or screen guard which can hinder the path of the proximity sensor? Some screen guard comes with out the cut for the proximity sensor, this can alter the sensor to work efficiently.
    If you have screen guard on the screen clean it properly. Some times poor quality screen guard can alter the efficient working of the proximity sensor in if the problem still persist with the phone then there might be some other problem.
    12-09-16 01:52 AM
  3. Moon_Man's Avatar
    Ok I tried out the BBVE app after cleaning. This happens:
    It always shows instantly the 'near' indicator though I didn't lay a finger on the sensor. However far objects he still can detect. That's weird. Maybe it is really the screen protector, but that was never a problem since I got it some month's ago
    Proximity Sensor buggy on Passport-img_20161209_123019.png

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    12-09-16 05:35 AM
  4. Moon_Man's Avatar
    I understand now. When it is dark, it instantly shows 'near'. And when I turn a light towards it it is waiting for 'near' and works then. But then again 'far' is instantly there

    Has it something to do because the screen protector is 'anti-spy'?
    Means that you only can see whats on the screen when you are directly looking at it. But can't see anything from the sides

    Ok now suddenly it works again without issues. Glad it helped xD thanks. Maybe the screen protector was just too dirty or room too dark
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    12-09-16 05:38 AM

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