1. thomascgty's Avatar
    Any tips on protecting the rear camera? I already removed the plastic strip thing and wonder how does anyone protect the rear camera glass. Is it even a glass or plastic?

    I can't seem to find any flip case that has protection for the rear camera.
    12-30-14 05:47 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    Not too many out there that I have seen, but you could purchase a multipack of screen protectors and cut one down for the back camera, with an X-acto knife.
    12-30-14 06:06 PM
  3. marzfreerider's Avatar
    I've heard both of those responses as well, glass or plastic, not sure myself. I use a hard case on mine and carrying it in my pockets, have no scratches or anything on it. Like with any other phone keep keys, coins or anything else that may scratch it away from it. Best to carry it by itself with nothing else in the pocket.
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    12-30-14 06:08 PM
  4. failedhumanexistence's Avatar
    There are a few skins out there that come with a piece for the camera, though I doubt you can buy JUST the camera piece.
    12-30-14 08:23 PM
  5. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    Also keep in mind, no matter how ultra clear a protection film says it would be, it always reduces the quality of the camera. One of the reasons why even on actual camera lenses nobody recommends any protection at all. But of course those are on a completely different quality level at all.

    Posted via CB10
    12-30-14 08:52 PM
  6. Mary Pablate's Avatar
    Well, any soft cover with inner fabric can be great.

    01-06-15 10:17 AM

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