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    hello i think i posted this in the q/a section but i thought it more appropriate here .
    i use profile switching a lot . it is great on the PP. my device is from ATT In new york.
    it would be convenient to use a shortcut key . in fact there is an option when setting up shortcuts to toggle notifications .
    the problem is that it doesnt work
    has any one set this up and can they tellme the steps i must be missing something
    i do have the q key mapped to "toggle" but it doesnt toggle or at least as i watch the profiles in the setting menu there is no toggling going on
    am i missing something

    on another note .. is there a way in contacts to make one phone number the default . so if there is a home and business and mobile can i make one of them the default so as to decrease the number of taps on the screen
    02-24-15 06:20 AM

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