1. hplovecraft's Avatar
    Seems my PP is loosing some reliability when it comes to sent sms and whatsapps.

    Lately when sending sms I sometimes get the being sent sign forever, normal check sing does not appear. For me it the unclear if sms was sent... switching on/off reception does not help getting a check sing. Restarting the phone, and re-sending 'solves' the issue. Quite annoying, as sms is a super basic feature of a phone.

    Also going into existing sms threads they are not displayed sometimes..again only restart helps.

    Sending a wa message to people has proven to be not reliable any more. I get a double check sign (sent and receive but not read)... but the message gets never read. After contacting people I found out they never got the message. This has already happened several times. Might be the effects of shutting down wa already ;-)

    Have you guys experienced similar problems?

    Yes this op post contains something concerning Whatsapp. But can we pleas refrain from another wa is bull/bbm rules 'discussion... thanks

    CB10 on my PP SE
    03-29-17 01:03 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Try them both making sure that Wi-Fi is off (and your mobile data still connected). just as a test.
    03-29-17 01:24 PM

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