1. GeorgeF_Greece's Avatar
    Dear friends, I have an issue with my passport:

    When I compose an e-mail (using my institutional e-mail account), the message canNOT be sent in case I attach a file from my dropbox account.

    If the file exists within the device (or if I move/copy it from dropbox in my device), then the problem disappears. Is this normal ?

    In my opinion, I should be able to attach (within an e-mail) a file that exists on dropbox and not necessarily physically in the phone's memory.
    07-16-16 12:19 PM
  2. Roadie29's Avatar
    I just checked on my SE and works fine regardless of which email account I'm using. Not sure what to tell you.

    Posted via CB10 using PP SE
    07-16-16 01:36 PM
  3. GeorgeF_Greece's Avatar
    my problem is probably related with the account details (when I set up my account). I will contact our network administrator.
    07-16-16 01:53 PM

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