1. Hilton_K's Avatar

    Looking at the Pro Clip car mount with suction cup mount. Have 2 questions;

    Anyone that has used the suction cap mount, how do you rate it?

    Does the phone fit with a skin applied or does the holder tend to 'rip' the skin off?

    Thanks for any feedback!

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-15 06:46 AM
  2. CmdrStraker's Avatar
    I have a ProClip USA non-suction mount for my Passport.

    The device holder specific for the Passport is a perfect fit for a naked Passport. If you put any kind of case on it, then the Passport will no longer fit into this holder.

    ProClip USA also sells 'Universal' device holders with adjustable sidewalls that would work better for a Passport in a case.
    12-20-15 07:35 AM
  3. CecilTsunami's Avatar
    I have a proclip for my Z10. They very specifically are designed for the phone and the fit is very tight. I'd be surprised if you could fit a phone with a skin on into any of their device specific holders.

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-15 12:20 PM
  4. Hilton_K's Avatar
    Thanks for the information guys. Looking at the videos she does look like a tight fit indeed! Will look into the universal units!

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-15 08:05 PM

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