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    So I had this thought the other day. What if instead of selling the passport as a 'phone', it was just sitting in a section next to the tablets as a 'mini tab'? And instead of people saying 'what a dumb looking phone! It's too big and wide!' they'd be like 'oh Crap, it's a mini tablet with real keys! I can even fit this thing in my pocket!? I can even make calls from this thing?! Sign me up. This is the coolest tab I have seen. So portable and handy'

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    10-20-15 08:44 AM
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    Like this?

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    10-20-15 09:02 AM
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    yeah there are a few vids on that, albeit using a z30 for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_c...&v=b_by44N9o50

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