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    Hi All,

    I finally got my PP about 48 hours ago. On day one, I did just a little set up/playing around. I set up 2 email accounts, added/fixed my contacts (since the contacts did not transfer correctly), added SNAP and browsed a little. On day 2, I was on it no more than 10 minutes just browsing to see if I could replicate the following problems.

    In the beginning, everything was fine but then I started having issues:

    1) The screen started flickering. It was random and wasn't tied to a specific app or action. Then the flickering got worse and the screen would turn off (resembling the black screen of death) and turn back on. The turning off/on and the flickering would last longer and longer each time. (about 7 seconds). I notice when the screen turns off, the keypad stays illuminated.

    2) My PP runs hot! Since it is a 2-handed device, I really feel it getting hot in the upper right corner, then the entire right side then the whole phone (with the right still being hotter). I thought maybe it was the battery placement, but then the entire phone gets hot - screen and back, right and left. I do not currently have a case or screen protector on it and am scared to put either on as it will get hotter. This hotness didn't start after hours and hours of use. It was while I was inputting contacts or just browsing and heats up immediately.

    3) Battery life is less than I expected. I may have been expecting too much, but I thought it would be much better. The first night, I went to bed with the phone being 100% and woke up about 6 hours later and it was 74%. I don't have anything running (I have only installed SNAP and 2 email accounts), it was on battery saving mode and I didn't check it all night. The second night It was at 100% and about 7 hours later it was 88%. Looking at the battery monitor, it says:
    *Standby 5%
    *Display 2.5%
    *Browser 2.4%
    *System 1.2%

    I contacted AT&T about my flickering/running hot issues and they wanted me to go to the store to replicate it. However, since the flickering is random, I can't get it to replicate! And when it does flicker in their store, the worker has to be hovering over me to see it. Otherwise by the time I flag them over, it stops flickering. The flickering/turning off is not the program just taking time to "start up" and pausing....it is actual flickering/turning off.

    Did I get a bum phone? Until I can get it to replicate in store and then they send it to I.T. to get it to replicate, they don't want to swap it out. But it is random! I have turned the phone off/on and still have the issues. (I have seen threads about flickering, but still don't know if it is from a bad phone or what).

    05-30-15 09:19 AM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Others can comment in more detail. But I will say this:

    1. Update the default OS; resolves the flickering issue
    2. The battery will settle after a week or so
    05-30-15 09:49 AM
  3. Zeratul57's Avatar
    Plug into computer with USB and open Link to check for updates. Check in Link and let it update or go through the process. I that doesnt work you can try the restore to factory option and then update through link again. Reboot a couple times and see it that works. Other than that I would say it was damaged in shipping.
    05-30-15 10:01 AM
    Also are you a continuing blackberry user? Or your first BlackBerry 10 device, apart from screen flickering I don't think there is any smartphone that's battery last as stated on day one w/o config taking into place all my ios user are forever tethered to their chargers, as for droid users if it ain't an nexus handset or a a device running stock android no one's really impressed.

    @ZEDTROSPEKTIV Via BlackBerry Passport, previous Z10, Bold 9790, Bold 9700, Curve 3G, Curve 8250 (1st BB)
    05-30-15 10:06 AM
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    The flickering is a known issue and can be fixed with an OS update.
    Read here,
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    05-30-15 10:11 AM
  6. Elango87's Avatar
    Somehow I feel that the flickering issue is related to the proximity sensor. It's on the right hand corner which makes sense that your phone gets hot on the right hand corner. Do a S/W update and check as others suggested.

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    05-30-15 10:23 AM
  7. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Somehow I feel that the flickering issue is related to the proximity sensor. It's on the right hand corner which makes sense that your phone gets hot on the right hand corner. Do a S/W update and check as others suggested.

    Posted via the amazing 'Red' BlackBerry Passport
    Hmm, not bad logic. So you're thinking that the sensor is in the mode of switching, due to overheating, and thus causing the flickering? Makes sense.
    05-30-15 10:34 AM
  8. siung6's Avatar
    I hate to say this. Reload your os and update to the latest os, build your phone from 0 is preferable than back up. You should solve most of the problem stated. If you read enough thread and you will find that most people will suggest to reload os as solution to most problems. Sad to say that it is true. I experience it first hand. It solve most of the bug i experience except the double type. Spare about an hour on Sunday to reload your os. You will love your passport. Unless you really got a bad one.

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    05-30-15 01:44 PM
  9. Shifty88's Avatar
    Somehow I feel that the flickering issue is related to the proximity sensor. It's on the right hand corner which makes sense that your phone gets hot on the right hand corner. Do a S/W update and check as others suggested.

    Posted via the amazing 'Red' BlackBerry Passport
    It's actually where the CPU is located if I'm not mistaken. The proximity sensor is actually in the top-left corner of the phone.
    05-30-15 02:58 PM
  10. Viet Ton's Avatar
    It could also be that you have a defective unit.

    Even when people are saying that it takes a while for the battery to settle, my Passport doesn't go through that period at all. Or it did but it didn't get hot.

    It only gets hot when I charge it with a different charger (the playbook rapid charger for speed effect) and use it while charging. It doesn't even get hot when charging alone.

    -Do you envy my Passport much?-
    05-30-15 03:22 PM
  11. mad_mdx's Avatar
    Flickering : you are using an at&t passport ? They haven't released the latest version of the OS which resolves this issue (and many others)

    Heat: the phone will heat up if the screen is on for a long period of time, or if your brightness is set to very high (higher than the middle) it might also heat up but more quickly. There is also a heat up if your battery has a parasitic drain

    Your battery life: reboot your phone using both volume keys. Hold both volume keys until the phone reboots. It sounds like there's a problem with the standby for some reason, this might solve it.

    I usually find I lose 1% per hour of stand-by and I have a lot of stuff on this phone. You should not lose more than that, otherwise check the device monitor to see if some app is waking up randomly overnight.
    05-30-15 04:10 PM
  12. PHughes's Avatar
    Plug it in to the charger at night. I know that isn't the real issue here, you are concerned about the battery drain while it is supposedly doing nothing, but there is no compelling reason to leave a phone not charging at night.
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    05-30-15 04:59 PM
  13. Mmickel Abraham's Avatar
    I have an AT&T Passport. The one thing that happened to my phone was the heat. After resetting my Phone, had no more problems.

    Posted via CB10
    05-30-15 06:56 PM
  14. Shifty88's Avatar
    The heat is from the processor. Yes it would run hotter than usual if you just set it up. It takes a couple of days for everything to sync. It's constantly working in the background. Mine was like that in the beginning also. It quickly sorted out over a couple of days.
    05-30-15 09:16 PM
  15. BluePumpkinBerry's Avatar
    I am the OP. Thanks for all of the responses. I have the AT&T PP Software

    So it sounds like I may not have gotten a bum phone, just that AT&T hasn't updated the software. Does this happen often? (I just switched to AT&T and to BB 4 days ago). I wasn't going to try to install a leaked version because I just don't know how! I really know nothing about technology.

    *If I wipe the device clean and start over, would that do any good? Since I came from a "clean" device 4 days ago and had problems from the very first day.

    *If I wipe the device clean and start over, do I lose everything I have installed (SNAP, Weather app, etc?) And do I lose my preferred settings?

    *I didn't use the device more than 10 minutes total over the last 3 days, but when I did, it still got hot right away. I wasn't setting anything up, just playing around for a few minutes. I started setting preferences on it today and again, it is hot.

    *Maybe my expectations for the battery were just too high. It is about the same as, if not a little better, than my almost 4-year old Droid 4 I just replaced. It isn't bad, just lower than I expected (and I really have barely used the phone up to this point).

    *Just trying to figure out if this is a bad phone before my 30 days are up. But I don't want to swap it out for another one if not needed.

    *On a good note, I am not experiencing any double type issues I have read about! Yet.
    06-01-15 02:29 PM
  16. siung6's Avatar
    Factory reset will not help I think. You will need to use blackberry link from your PC to reload your os. I think you got a bad one. Just replace it. It is not behaving like it should. Btw when we all talk about the latest os it means, official latest os that you can update ota. Not leaked os.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    06-01-15 02:45 PM

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