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    I owned 3 BB phones and still have PB, but went with a Nexus4. Still dream of coming back to BB but won't unless the OS improves a bit more. I was highly impressed with this review. Especially since it appeared the author actually uses the devices personally for some time before open their mouth. I'd say my biggest concern is Apps. I don't run many Apps, never did, never will. Most are useless and drain the battery, so it really really has to work well and I must use it often or out it goes. What I didn't like previously was side loaded Apps that really did not work at all or not well at all. So I ask you who have a PP and have actually are using Amazon Apps and Google PlayStore Apps, do these non-BB Apps work as well as if the were BB Apps. And what about Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime video. The reviewer said streaming video was not pleasant, so, what do you think, you on a 4 hour plane flight and want to watch a movie. What's it like? And, what Cellular store still carry's BB? Anyway, to close, doubt that I would buy a PP but the next large handset 16:1, well, shot, I might just be tempted to dive into BB once again.

    PS: I drive alot and turn by turn nav is critical, is nav still built into BB?

    BlackBerry Passport Review: Don?t Believe The Haters: Prices, Specifications, Reviews | Know Your Mobile

    "But before we move on there are a few points I’d like to make regarding BlackBerry 10’s application situation. The first is Amazon Apps, which is now available on the platform, giving you access to tens of thousands of Android applications usually reserved for Kindle-only products like the Fire HDX. This is a HUGE boon for BlackBerry users and a great score for BlackBerry too, as it goes a long way to remedying the still grossly under-stocked BlackBerry World. Amazon’s App Store isn’t perfect by any stretch and still lacks many applications you’ll find inside Apple’s App Store, Google Play and, in some instances, BlackBerry World. It’s not a saving grace, but it represents progress towards a goal and that is what BB10.3 is all about. The second is to do with porting Android applications over onto your device using .BAR files. Previously, this feature was bloody amazing inside BB10, because if you couldn't find what you were looking for inside BlackBerry World or Amazon Apps –– say, Google Chrome, for instance –– you still had plenty of options. All you had to do was Google, “Chrome .BAR file” and you’ll be pointed towards an absolute plethora of websites and resources that’ll help you install Android applications directly to your BlackBerry Passport. With BlackBerry 10.3, however, it is EVEN easier because all the .BAR converting is done on device, saving you oodles of time. This is a brand new feature of BB10.3 and one I sadly neglected to mention first time around –– as noted above, there are A LOT of new features inside this update. But the long and short of this new ability is this –– access to Google Play. I know, amazing! All you need to do is download SNAP and you’re away. That’s it. Simple –– and it also pretty much solves the whole app-gap problem, too."
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    Apps are no problem

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