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    I'm migrating this thread from the "Ask-a-question section"

    Hello Crackberry Community,
    I searched and read several threads about this issue in the forum but I couldn't find a solution or even a similiar description of my problem.
    I own a Passport witht the latest OS Update.

    I tried uninstalling Android apks as described in this thread (http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...there-1090219/) I installed the BlackBerry Runtime for Android and restarted it. Then I installed Easy Uninstaller and it worked fine for the first few apps that I uninstalled. After that the phone went black and didn't startup again. No buttons worked. Then I learned about the Volume-button-hard-reset thing. It started the phone back up but in less then a minute it freezes for some time and goes black again (with the red LED blinking). It can do this routine forever - hard-restarting, freezing, black...
    I connected it to the computer via USB and as long as its not freezing I have access to folders and files. Sachesi is also connecting to the phone. But after it freezes (like I said, in less than a minute) there is no connection via usb anymore.
    Right now I plugged it to a wall charger (original BB one), because I read somewhere, that charging it for several hours might do some repairing. The battery was at aroun 55% when it started freezing.
    I think I should do a factory reset, but all I want to do right now is a proper backup of my files and contacts first. Do you think it could be possible? Do you need any further information? I'm quite desperate and help is greatly appreciated!
    Greetings, Johannes
    Define "latest OS update". If you're not on (software release or (software release then installing the Android Runtime from the Play Store would have broken things rather than fix them. But if you were on 2876/2888 and didn't restart after installing the runtime then that's another problem. Maybe Easy Uninstaller removed something that it shouldn't have, too. Regardless, the device is essentially unusable in its current state, and you should reload the operating system.

    To reload your OS, download this file to a Windows PC (with the BlackBerry Blend/Link package installed) and read this guide.

    To do a backup requires a stable USB connection, which you aren't getting. If your data was on an unencrypted SD card, then you can remove it and set it aside; if it was encrypted, or if it was on the device memory, then you have to wait for the OS to stabilize, which might not happen. If your contacts were connected to an email account then they should be synced with your email provider; but if they were local, again, you'd have to wait for it to stabilize.
    Thank you for your advices and a happy new year!
    I checked the OS Version and it appears to be I installed the runtime and restartet the phone, just like it said in the tutorial.
    Before I reload the OS I wanna be absolutely sure that there is nothing else to do that might repair the phone. Do you think you could redirect this thread to the forum specifically for Passport phones? I would appreciate that very much.
    Thank you for your help, thurask!
    EDIT: I'm OP
    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!
    Greetings, Johannes
    01-02-17 07:24 AM
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    01-02-17 08:07 AM

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