1. Chris Ganem's Avatar
    ok I am still new to BB. This is my first bb phone, had the passport for 3 weeks.

    Ok when I get a text message while in an android app. The pop up notification happens and if I answer it without leaving said app, the one row of the virtual keyboard stays active and will not go away unless I swipe up to peek at the hub. Only then will that one roll of the virtual keyboard disappear. This does not happen if the app is " Made for blackberry" only on the android apps.

    Not really an bad problem just an annoyance and inconsistency .

    Does this happen to other people? Am I doing something wrong? Does 10.3.1 fix this.

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
    11-26-14 07:24 PM
  2. Chris Ganem's Avatar

    Does anyone else experience this problem or anything similar ? Just that one row stays on screen in android apps after you have pressed send for the text notification.
    11-29-14 01:04 PM

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