1. phoenix55's Avatar
    I have a pop-up email banner that is very annoying and distracts my attention in the middle of reading an email or checking my calendar, etc.

    How can I turn this feature off?

    The Passport is an amazing phone ... pure joy!

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    03-19-15 04:10 AM
  2. danp2000's Avatar
    More I formation is needed for us to help you.

    Type of email account. (Provider or Server Type)
    How it's connected. (IMAP, POP, Exchange, etc.)
    Phone OS.
    How the OS was installed.
    Assuming you're using a Passport.

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    03-19-15 05:06 AM
  3. Wbrian's Avatar
    My bet is he's talking about a toast notification. OP, if you're talking about the notification at the top of your screen, you can enable or disable this in your settings. I just don't remember where exactly. Sorry! Search for Toast notifications...

    03-19-15 05:31 AM
  4. phoenix55's Avatar
    Under notification for "normal" profile I turned off "instant previews.". Hope that does it. Did not see any Toast notification.

    I have a Passport, the pop-up banner seems to be from my yahoo email connected

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    03-19-15 06:55 AM
  5. phoenix55's Avatar
    Via rim.imap.yahoo server. I have 4 other emails, including an enterprise account.

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    03-19-15 06:59 AM

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