05-30-15 04:19 PM
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    After the update to 10.3.1 my Passport is heating up and draining the battery in 7 hours of very light use, I was getting 2 days before the update.

    I wiped the Passport to factory defaults then restored from backup, phone was then fine for 2 days but has again now started heating up and draining the battery. The next step is the wipe and not to restore but I don't have the will, it is so time consuming.

    What is annoying though is that BlackBerry offer no support for these types of problems (or any nowadays), the only support contact options are to tweet blackberryhelp who don't bother to respond. That is just pathetic, we all know they are have a few cash flow issues etc at the moment but to not even offer phone support, they haven't even bothered with the cheap offshore option all the other vendors usually go down to cut costs.

    Blackberry can I have my efficient Passport back someway please?

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    You can call them and get support.

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    05-30-15 04:19 PM
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