09-15-14 09:32 AM
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    This device obviously caters to those with suits or a lab-coat (ie. Health-Care) where carrying it in a larger pocket is no issue.

    Niche device for a niche market - but available for the average consumer. Please no whiners about how it's difficult to fit into your jeans

    Probably can, but not comfortably if the Z30 is any indication - but they didn't make this phone for people who will be carrying it in their jeans.

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    I think they made the Passport for us who works a lot on the phone and wants to avoid unneccessary use of a laptop. I really dont think they had clip-on-holster-users in mind either As the OP said; I guess you cant make everybody happy...
    09-09-14 03:12 PM
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    Yeah...Sadly, I'm a holster guy as well. I'd like to see a picture of a Passport in a holster on someone's hip.

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    I used to wear my Note 3 on a belt holster no problem. The Passport should be just fine.
    09-09-14 03:19 PM
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    So lots of questions. Sorry I been MIA to get work done.

    It will fit in your jeans. Unless you like tight fitting 80's style rocker jeans. I would say though sitting down may not work well within your pockets.

    Fits perfectly inside a pocket both suit jacket and front shirt pocket. Although the weight may pull a little on the shirt pocket.

    As far as where and who is testing it. Well that's classified as the fact that I'm posting this goes against an nda and I had to hold it a funny way to block the numbers on the front of the device that traces it back to my place of business.

    But I will say if you are looking at a size compare. Go get your travel passport and that's what you are talking about for size.

    BTW the screen really does give you the big picture and this is not a 1 handed device.

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    09-15-14 09:32 AM
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