1. PhamAnh's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    Last night I made a phone call to my friend, then when we done talking I push the "End call" button. The thing was the phone crashed at that moment, and the phone call tab didn't disappear but rather turned white and I couldn't do anything but to manually closed the tab. I totally forgot about it and plugged the phone in before going to bed.

    This morning I woke up and unplugged it, left it there for about 2 hours and came back to see the battery drained 20%. I check the CPU usage and found this.
    Phone service takes up 36% CPU, battery drainning really fast!-13411620_1272391426105157_2624547485701226090_o.jpg
    I've read some threads about System or PIM services drainning the battery life, but this is the Phone service, and soft reset doesn't make any difference. I've tried soft reset 3 times and the Phone service still takes up 36% of CPU usage. Anyone has this problem before? I really need help because I need my phone for a trip in 2 days and really can't leave it like this, the battery will drain to dead in 6 hours by itself.

    Thanks in advanced!
    06-11-16 12:32 AM
  2. Ethan Deyoung's Avatar
    Hi PhamAnh,

    Check the networks your phone is running on or where abouts your getting signal. Your phone will automatically regulate how much power it needs to boost signal. So instead of sitting on 4G get on a 2G network so your phone service won't have to boost signal when your signal isn't strong. If your near WiFi disable mobile networks also if your running custom software maybe your modem isn't properly optimized for your device model good luck!

    source: Im an electrical engineer

    Good luck!
    06-11-16 03:15 AM
  3. BerrySoul's Avatar
    Close some apps running in the bacckground in the device manager, cpu tab..

    Posted via CB10
    06-11-16 04:09 AM

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