1. aldebaran12's Avatar
    I have this problem pesting me from the old 10.3.0 through leaks and into 10.3.1
    In 4 out of 5 calls I make to either cell or land lines, when the called party responds the handheld starts to vibrate continuously; obviously I will have to hang up since no communication is possible, and to call again hoping this time the call will go through fine.
    Like I mentioned, I've had this problem for awhile and looks like subsequent software updates are not fixing it.
    Anyone has experienced this? Is there a fix?
    Thank you.
    04-12-15 11:35 AM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    I thought I read some of the newer updates have fixed it?
    04-12-15 11:38 AM
  3. aldebaran12's Avatar
    I thought I read some of the newer updates have fixed it?
    I have the latest update and it's still not fixed
    04-12-15 11:50 AM

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