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    My Passport should be delivered tomorrow, as of right now I've been using the Z3 for a few months and decided to jump on the coupon code on and the $100 promotion on Shop Blackberry.
    This is my dilemma, I own three pets: one small dog spaniel breed, a 5-6 year old in/outdoor cat and a Bombay black kitten, he is strictly indoor.
    The idea popped into my head when I found my black kitten sitting out on the porch the other day, due to the windows being open and creating a vacuum, thus popping the front door ajar. I am looking for a GPS transmitter/tracker that is small enough to attach onto my kitten's collar to broadcast his location when he is moving around. Some of the one's I've seen either take a SIM card, they only have a small range(75 feet, really...), or they don't function the way I need. Basically, I don't need to have any sort of "radius" set up that sends me an alarm when my cat goes passed a line. He's very attached to me, and all I'd really need is to be able to jump onto a map to see where his transmitter is, just to see if he is in or outside of the house. If his location is outside the house, I will then know whereabouts he is so I can go looking for him. P.S. I also have him micro-chipped, this only serves to return a lost pet if whoever found the animal took it to a Vet to be scanned for a chip. I need real-time location.
    Pretty much this is what I am looking for:
    - longest range for the best price
    - preferably, but not necessarily one that doesn't require a SIM card
    - a receiver with motion-triggered on/off to conserve battery life

    Also, I need to make sure my purchase is the best possible choice, I see many receivers marketed to iPhone mostly.
    My question is, does anyone here have a GPS app/map interface to see locations of specific linked receivers? These things aren't cheap if they do the job right and I don't want to buy one that isn't even compatible with the Passport...
    04-16-15 01:34 AM
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    Check out Tagg, http://www.pettracker.com/#
    The app can be downloaded from Snap, there's a monthly/ yearly fee for monitoring.
    Pet Tracker and Passport App?-img_20150417_013344.png

    PassportSQW100-1/ -Q10SQN100-5/ Posted via CB
    04-17-15 01:37 AM

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