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    OK, I'm not the 1st person to do this, but wanted to pass it on FWIW. Here's a personalized ringtone option. If you want seperate ringtones for, say 10 or 100 people, what do u do? You can't associate normal ringtones with several people cuz u have too many ringtones to remember which song or which whatever goes with which caller?....so you can go to the built in Voice Recorder and record your voice with "You have a call from mom" or "You have a text message from John" or "You have an email from Tom" or whatever, then rename the recording, then save (Share) them to the "Remember" file, then go to Settings>Notifications>Contacts and assign the ringtones...anyway, I now have about 100 contacts with my voice announcing my family and friends when they call, text, or email me. Works great when ur phone is not with you or you can't view the caller ID. Works great on my Passport!
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    01-14-15 03:54 PM
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    Good thinking

    Passport or Z10, whichever is nearest
    01-14-15 08:09 PM

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