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    I purchased:
    Leather Case for BlackBerry Passport in Cover/Skin Case - Vertical Pouch Type

    I'm using the Ringke Fusion case on my PP.

    Initially it seemed too tight for the width,
    but after a few insertions and removals, it gently stretched to fit perfectly!

    It's a beautiful piece of leather art that durably protects my screen and ketboard.
    It's offered through Amazon, but it's $3 less from the PDAir's web site with free shipping that took about 5 business days.

    I'm publishing this because, after searching this and other websites, there simply was nothing better.

    Also, the Blackberry cradle is useless if you intend to keep any cover-back on your phone. It will only fit the naked PP.
    If you remove the cradle's inset, even if you shim the phone, you'll risk destroying your PP's USB socket.

    A better solution is the EXTREMELY economical and well-engineered:

    "Nite Ize QuikStand Mount"

    It'll allow a sideview mount with your USB data or power adapter connector.

    I believe it's available through Crackberry, but certainly through Amazon, if not.
    04-22-15 08:25 PM

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