1. Parimal Bansal's Avatar
    Hello All,

    I have been a follower in this forum for some time.

    I bought my passport in November 2014 and was very happy with the device even though had few issues like over heating, charging slow even with original cable, etc etc which would get sorted in a few days anyway.

    Around 10 days back, when I was in China, suddenly my phone (had chinese sim inside) started giving me problems with mobile network, earlier I thought it is due to carrier network issues so did not bother much and thought anyway whatever it is will be handled in India. Once I came back to India the network still had issues and it would connect once in every 2-3 hours.

    I had bought this phone from amazon India on Nov 4th 2014, so my phone is still under warranty. Took the phone to the local authorised customer service station where they took my phone and asked me to wait for a solution till next day evening. When I called them next evening, they said that the phone had been sent to Bangalore (I live in India around 1500 kms away from Bangalore) and would be returned after TWENTY FIVE TO THIRTY DAYS. I asked them why cant they just replace it as it is under warranty, they said they can not take decision and asked me to call the customer care toll free number. I have been trying to reach them since 2 days now and have not been able to contact them. All the numbers I got from internet do not work. Sent a message on twitter, got a reply that I need to contact the local service centre only. Local says contact blackberry, I am unable to contact Blackberry.

    I have been a loyalist to Blackberry and this kind of behaviour with their customers is totally not right. I have no idea whatsoever what I can do about it. I am disgusted with Blackberry as of now !

    11-04-15 04:49 AM
  2. ankitchahal's Avatar
    Welcome to bb india worst CS. I also faced problem with my passport within a week of buying the phone and it took them 30 days to get my device and guess what problem was still there and i got a gifted SCREEN LIFTED too when i got the device back after one month so i took it to them again the next day and then they took another 30 days to get me back my device.. so its normal for them to take 30 days..
    ohh and this was after i was continuously in touch with help@blackberry.com and bbcare@hcl.in (not sure about hcl care email, its should be on your job sheet which you got) dont bother trying to contact toll free number as they dont have answers if you are lucky enough to be answered.. lol

    BB india is completely in shambles and i cant see it improving..
    BTW good luck and i hope it doesnt go through second journey like mine.. in first 2.5 months of ownership i had device for only a week or so..
    11-04-15 05:49 AM
  3. Parimal Bansal's Avatar
    Hi Ankit,
    That sounds worse than my issue, I have got no hopes. If the company does not want to come out of the hole, they are being a bigger one.
    11-04-15 11:42 PM

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