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    I was having issues with amazon store install/updates. I could not seem it to install the app and other updates. I then decided to power off the passport instead of rebooting. Something about I read the other day about "garbage collection",so after a bit, I tried to power it back on. To my surprise, my passport did not power on. I tried several times by holding the power button and even tried to plug it and see if red light would come on blinking when it starts to charge . Nothing. Worried...my new passport less than a month old...dead.

    I go online with my linux box(I unfortunately don't own a windows or a mac box) trying to find out what happened to my passport,after about 30min,I found a lead that could help me on CrackBerry forums. In the thread a recommendation that the power and volume buttons be held down together for a bout 10sec....and true enough the passport powers on!!! Lol!!!

    I don't know what happened to my passport,but I'll be definitely be bring it in to the official service center here in the Philippines. I hope that it's only a OS reload that it needs and not a hardware issue. That's all folks, was just sharing my experience with my passport. Peace!

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    05-30-15 05:46 PM

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