1. NeverBePeace's Avatar
    I am toying with picking up a passport. Which blackberry passport works best with tmobile? Features like wifi calling and hd voice. Does it even matter if it's the att version or unlocked branded?

    While im discussing the passport. Certain sites have them for sale at cheaper prices. Now I know warranty is a pain in the neck if your buying outside of Amazon and blackberry. Does it make sense to spend the extra $ to be the og owner? From what I hear, if your not the og owner, warranty doesn't transfer. Since I read that this device suffers from screen lifting issues and double typing, im thinking twice about picking it up.

    Im use to the iPhone where the warranty is on the phone so og owner is non existent. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    03-02-16 07:44 PM
  2. raino's Avatar
    Any one of the three models will work. At most, you'll have to get it unlocked, if you're buying a SIM locked phone. For any of the three, WiFi calling is something you'll have to manually install, but it isn't hard to do--especially when you haven't put any data on the phone yet. I am not sure about HD Voice; BB10 phones are capable of it, but I have never seen it on my Q10 on TMO (but I have on another carrier.)

    Warranty will be honored if you buy from an authorized seller. I think for the AT&T Passport, you would have to go through AT&T; not sure how inclined they are in accommodating non-customers.
    03-02-16 07:53 PM
  3. David Theado's Avatar
    I have black OG version purchased in November launch year... works perfectly with TMO

    on the road with my BlackBerry
    03-03-16 03:44 PM
  4. NeverBePeace's Avatar
    forgot to quote.
    03-03-16 05:21 PM
  5. NeverBePeace's Avatar
    I have black OG version purchased in November launch year... works perfectly with TMO

    on the road with my BlackBerry
    Wifi calling and hd voice works?
    03-03-16 05:22 PM
  6. shawnreum's Avatar
    I have OG white on T-Mobile.
    You can manually install WiFi calling, but it doesn't run like android phones do. It runs like an independent app, eventually shuts down and you'll end up missing incoming calls.

    HD calling, which I believe your referring to VoLTE. I have not heard anything about it working on Passport.

    Posted via CB10
    03-07-16 10:37 PM

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