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    My Passport has problematical connectivity with hotspots and other routers during my travels and also won't connect to my home network/router whether using the Wireless Key or WPS (no travelling dots). Going into the router Administration/Home Network/Local Network Devices/Detected Devices, the PP is listed with other devices but as 'Inactive' whereas my Playbook, laptop, a desktop, Chromecast... are all listed as 'Active'. Is there a way to get the PP designated as 'Active'/a setting in the PP somewhere, or is there a chicken and egg thing here - it's listed as 'Inactive' because it can't connect?



    Status: Inactive

    Type: Mobile Phone

    Connected To: WLAN (Wireless)

    Allowed on WLAN: Yes


    Physical Address: 02:0f:b5:36:6f:1c

    IP Address Assignment: Unknown

    IP Address:

    Connection Sharing
    There is no game or service assigned to this device.

    Pick a task...
    Assign a game or application to a local network device
    Assign the DMZ to a local network device
    Assign the public IP address of a connection to a device
    03-27-17 01:25 PM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Most likely - it's listed as 'Inactive' because it can't connect.
    Have you tried turning off all of your antennas except wi-fi?
    Disconnect one or more of your other devices from wi-fi network and then try the Passport?
    Delete the AP from the BlackBerry list of routers it connects to and try to connect from scratch?
    03-27-17 01:47 PM
  3. mea18's Avatar
    If you open that specific wifi profile, there should be a toggle switch at the very top to "Enable" the profile again. Once you've done that it should start to work again. If it doesn't I would say do what coffee - turtle said to do.
    03-27-17 03:16 PM

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