1. Rolf Fyne's Avatar
    My BB Passport 10 wont connect to password free WiFi networks. On clicking on the network, up comes the notification :
    WiFi Connection Status
    Attempt 1 of 3
    Connecting to network

    And nothing happens. The notification will stay on the screen all day Attempt 1 of 3 remains - no Attempt 2 or 3

    On hitting Cancel, this notification comes up:
    User cancelled connection
    Verify saved network security settings
    And then disappears.

    What Im supposed to do about that I have no idea. Ive not bothered much before as Id reach a hotel later in the day with WiFi protected by a password. With a password, no problem. But in the middle of nowhere in Namibia, the lodges have password free WiFi. So no mail, no contact. But as an alarm clock, the Passport is great to get you up for the early morning game drives

    The other trick, when I want to log in to a Hotspot that pops up, I say Yes and it reverts to the list of available networks with the chosen network marked as Selected but no connection

    What the hell is going on (to quote) and how do I fix it before I chuck the phone in the Chobe River?
    11-21-16 08:56 AM
  2. GiantSchnauzer's Avatar
    When this happens I use see what ip address and subnet mask it gives other people's phones/laptops. Then I put in the values anually. Eg: they get a number like subnet then I put in, and gateway (cause that would be the routers adress) works quite often, unless you have happened to put in a value that is already taken by another piece of equipment:

    Posted via CB10
    11-21-16 09:06 AM

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