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    I've been doing alot of reading on the Blackberry Passport these past months, simply because I was intrigued by its form dynamics and an oppurtunity to own one. Im currently using an iPhone 6S but my first work phone was a 9000, then to an android Galaxy SP, a 9900, an Iphone 6, a Classic, Note 6... (i only changed phones bcos they broke and easily available) I personally dont fancy touch screen and portrait smart phones, but the industry is driven by their consumers so im not going to bother fighting the inevitable but which is why the Passport caught my eye as form wise it fits everything i need for my routine functions on the phone.

    To cut the story short, on the surface I love the Passport, but what will drive me to grab one for USD100 brand new from a friend who won it and give my wife my iPhone bcos she dropped hers in the toilet bowl and desperately needs something wife-proof:

    Whatsapp -
    Can i still use it after the July dateline as I see many postings/tutorials on sideloads and web based workarounds in 2016, but if they are the only way, are they friendly with OneDrive and Office? I use Whatsapp to chat & send/open docs/pics/pdf/xls/ppt besides over email/iMessage. I asked because I've not seen any posts on work-related factors.

    Office 365 -
    I need Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I have a subscription and my work-sphere is based on those apps fluently integrated with my sms/email/whatsapp/onedrive as they are linked to my desk env. I dont mind if its sideloaded so long as it works in the current state of updates or in par with its latest functionality.

    Im pretty happy with how the ios and android has seemlessly worked to my conditions. But short of buying a KEY or an iPhone7 for the wife whom I love, the Passport is a grab if it can fulfill my basic needs because I dont loke portrait modes which in the end forces me to lug a laptop because I cant get back to the office in time.

    FYI: i dont have nor use facebook/IM/games, they just drain batteries and I prefer the traditional way. Im an architect but somehow deep in mergers and acquisitions, i still carry around a drawing pen and notebook to mind map my thoughts and ideas which i translate to note apps/spreadsheets on the phone to share besides a snapshot... ergo why i bought a Note6 which sucked. I use stock email/sms platforms and I hate the mess of think-its-important apps. Anything i need beyond has always been web-based ie banking with shortcuts on homescreen, even on iOS/Android coz the limitations of the app requires me to go web and been doing so since Classic. I dont use ellaborate MS Exchange, just the standard google account for my contacts and my Office account to log in to my Word/Excel/PPt/Onedrive acc office server.

    Sorry if theres a post of this nature somewhere. If so do share the link so I can read on. Till then i wont be able to asses without a passport in my hands to run the test myself.

    04-19-17 02:06 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Passports future is like going on a Blind Date.....
    04-19-17 07:27 AM
  3. Elephant_Canyon's Avatar
    If WhatApp and Office 365 are important to you, then you should avoid BB10.
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    04-19-17 07:31 AM
  4. Trouveur's Avatar
    Just take a KEYone instead, it will be able to handle anything you need.

    Posted via CB10
    04-19-17 12:13 PM
  5. SubrataCB's Avatar
    WhatsApp android version works fine with fixing app. Office is invalid on BlackBerry Passport, instead you have to use Docs to go and it does not support all files. When you send any file from docs to go then windows desktop is unable to open the file, strange!
    04-19-18 02:37 AM

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