02-02-15 10:36 PM
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  1. the brother's Avatar
    It's no StilGut but it gets the job done at half the price and it has slots for cards.
    01-09-15 02:35 PM
  2. chris1h's Avatar
    Just ordered this myself...$10.09 including shipping! The one from Abacus 24-7 said it wouldn't ship to Canada! Actually just noticed the one I ordered has card & cash slots which yours doesn't....Hmmmm...but it has the full TPU holder for the passport!
    01-12-15 12:42 PM
  3. chris1h's Avatar
    I just got this one delivered...Amazing Case! And it was only $6 Canadian plus $4 shipping! ...I like it better than others shown here due to FULL 360 degree TPU shell for protection around the Passport, and the "faux" leather is durable, but flexible...opens & closes perfectly, magnet closure is sweet, & it folds back a full 180 degrees for ease of typing, and actually feels more secure in hand when typing with this case than without. Plus the side folding "stand" feature is great, all buttons work perfectly, (top power button a bit hard to access) plus the bonus of some card slots & cash slot. Buy It...so worth it!
    01-29-15 06:47 PM
  4. quipper8's Avatar
    victorinox altius oslo passport cover

    plus a little strip of velcro
    02-02-15 10:36 PM
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