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    I'm been using a Q10 + second battery for work and am quite impressed - apart for a few silly bugs and NO search within a Note in Remember! I finally upgraded from Bold 9900.

    Can I ask you, how does Passport feel in the hand? Q10 has some special kind of coating on the back which is scratch resistant. It also seems to wick away grease from clean hands.

    If you're working in medicine or surgery, I would be especially interested in your opinion!

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    I been using BlackBerry Passport for the last 4 months. Size is not an issue, it is a plus. Fits in your scrubs well. And the large screen is amazing for viewing the X-rays.
    Battery life is astonishing too, i go through the whole day without needing to recharge it.
    Another handy function, you can connect a Micro-usb flash memory to the Passport and browse the files on the flash drive or e-mail any documents from it.
    Reading articles on it from web pages in reader mood is so handy and comfortable.
    Taking x-ray photos or recording a procedure in Video is a bit troubling, the camera application a bit annoying, and photos are not in the expected quality till you manage your way around the settings of the camera. Videos end up being in large size due to the high quality, and difficult to send it through whatsapp or any other app.
    It will take you time to adjust to the physical keyboard, and i am still struggling to reach the same typing speed like touch typing.
    I dropped it few times, no scratches at all, and it was not affected by any mean. I bought the leather case and it made it look more classy and elegant.
    Didnt try yet to connect it to the PACS system in the hospital, so i can't comment on that.
    Applications are a struggle, finally i got instagram to work,lost faith in Viber, as i couldnt use Viber out function.
    I am more comfortable using the Passport at work, more than my previous iPhone 5s. You will definitely like Blackberry Hub.
    This is all what i can say about it.
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