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    Hi guys, Apologies on another 'Passport vs Priv' thread but I really need some answers.

    I bought an iPhone SE for 359 and have issues with the screen having a yellow cast to the edges, so it's going back. But instead of going for another iPhone i want to stick with Android or give BB10 another go. With all the hype around BB10 being dead and no support for apps like Whatsapp etc on the Passport, i'm not sure if it is still a decent investment compared to the Priv.

    The Passport would be a straight exchange as they are the same price instore. But the Priv will be another 140 on top of the 359 as the Priv is 499 in Carphone Warehouse.
    Is the extra 140 actually worth it?

    And in regards to the Passport (it would be the SE version), is it fiddly to get the Google Play store actually working properly? If an app has an update through the Play Store and I update it will i run in to issues with the Android Runtime not supporting the update? If i download apps like Facebook and Whatsapp from the Play Store, will the notifications still come through fine into the Hub?

    I basically use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Flickr, Ebay, Amazon, PayPal, Gumtree and a few other apps (all standard apps that are found on the Play Store or Apple App Store). Will they all work fine compared to how they will work on the Priv?

    I really like the Priv but the extra is not just a small fee, in comparison I could get something like the Huawei P9 for only 40 more and it will be quicker and have a more premium feel, but no unique keyboard or a qHD display.

    Any advise?
    09-15-16 02:31 AM
  2. Yertie's Avatar
    How much do you value the physical keyboard? On the Passport, it's big and an unavoidable part of the OS experience (a good thing), whereas on the Priv many people seem to use it less as it isn't strictly necessary for a complete experience. Hardware-wise the Priv is fairly unspectacular aside from the keyboard, and you can download many of the extra BlackBerry enhancements on any Android device.

    The Passport on the other hand requires a certain degree of tenacity and bloody-mindedness to use and this will only increase with time as OS updates dry up. Awesome piece of hardware though, and I still love the OS experience.
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    09-15-16 06:01 AM
  3. bboysmax's Avatar
    See this is what I was thinking, the need to have to slide the keyboard up when there is an on screen keyboard might become counterproductive over time and I'd end up using the physical keyboard just for the touchpad functions. This is kind of the whole reason i wanted a blackberry, for that physical keyboard.

    I mean I'd have the phone for like 6-12 Months tops and then upgrade anyway as I like a change.
    09-15-16 06:15 AM
  4. shawnreum's Avatar
    In keeping it short, the Priv is Android device with physical keyboard and third party BlackBerry apps.

    There is a big black and white difference between BB10 and the Priv.

    Posted via CB10
    09-15-16 10:48 PM
  5. S1lv1o's Avatar
    It's not an easy decision; one route is to have a phone for work (passport), which does well for email, reading and working with documents, and another one for personal stuff, maybe even a smaller one like the iPhone SE.
    09-15-16 11:30 PM
  6. bboysmax's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies guys. i bit the bullet and paid the extra for the Priv, very happy!
    09-16-16 04:41 AM
  7. Zeratul57's Avatar
    I'd rather Passport and use a tablet or laptop on the side.

    Sent from a Silver Passport.
    09-16-16 12:08 PM

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